Bergen and Bergen, P.C., represents clients and their families who are the victims of brain injuries acquired through trauma or malpractice at birth.

Some of the ways victims acquire brain injuries may be blatant, but because the effects can be subtle at first—or because the victim is incapacitated to the point that he or she is not cognizant of the injury—showing causation requires a dedicated legal and medical team.

Bergen and Bergen works with a team of qualified medical experts to prove negligence so that victims of brain injuries have the opportunity to receive compensation for their losses and have the security of long-term care when required.

The intricacies of brain and birth injuries

Many of the brain injury cases the law firm handles arise when babies are the victims of malpractice at birth.  These cases are completely devastating for families—there are no words to describe the sinking, spiraling sense of loss for parents.  Birth injuries are often accompanied by feelings of anger and grief and helplessness.

The firm’s attorneys hope to restore a modicum of hope by helping victim-parents secure damages that will provide for the limited lives of their infants as their babies grow into children and adults.  These malpractice cases are difficult for everyone, but they may be an important step in healing from a practical and emotional perspective.

The law firm fights to recover the losses of victims of brain injuries that stem from other causes, too:

Most of the brain injury cases the firm handles are caused medically by anoxia, also known as hypoxia, or the condition where the brain does not receive sufficient oxygen, so that brain cells die.  Hypoxia occurs, in many cases, because of doctor negligence, including secondary causation, such as brain damage caused by incidents that lead to comatose states or complications with anesthesia.

Bergen and Bergen holds accountable the parties that caused these life-altering injuries, so that victims may receive the care they need in incapacitated—and often permanent—states.

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